Hey Friends,

it´s finally starting again. What did we miss playing live, the fans, the sweat and the beer....

We celebrated the new start in Bremen at the legendary Meisenfrei Bluesclub.

Little by little we will keep you informed about our concert dates here. Be sure to check out the Gig´s tab.

So stay tuned and rock on.

Merch and tattoo fans watch out.... you can now buy our band merch from the wonderful Zombie Ink in Lathen/Emsland.

So get your tattoo and take a CD or shirt with you.

Riot at the moonshine bar gild "Lonley Man" from the debut CD with a video.

You can see it in the media section.


Hey friends,

well what can we say.....we too, like so many, are still on hold because of this damn virus. We hope you are all well, and that you come well and healthy through this time.

We have no other choice but to wait.....since we are not allowed to rehearse there is nothing left but to work on songwriting and somehow plan our live activities for 2021/22.

At the moment new songs are in the works and we can't wait to bring them soon to the stages we miss so much.

Until then we will keep you updated on all channels....

Stay healthy, see you around!

Wir freuen uns darauf am 07.11.2020 die großartigen Hardbone aus Hamburg zu supporten.....zieht euch nicht zu warm an, es wird heiß!








    !!!Es ist vollbracht!!!


Riot at the moonshine bar´s erste EP ist fertiggestellt.   

Nach intensiven Recording Sessions im Noiseless Studio Rhede, unter der Aufsicht von Producer Jörg Seemann, jeder Menge Spaß und Bier haben es sechs Songs auf die Debut CD "RATMOB" geschafft.

Unser Dank geht an alle die an uns geglaubt und unterstützt haben!!!

Den genauen Veröffentlichungstermin geben wir in den kommenden Tagen bekannt.