RatMob are:

Gebbi, Rock, Band, Niedersachsen, Deutschland

Instrument:      Guitars

Residence:         Meppen

Other bands:     Steeleyes, Rocksport

Influences:        Hardrock, Classic Rock,

                               Blues, Southern Rock

Matze, Rock, Band, Niedersachsen, Deutschland

Instrument:      Drums

Residence          Leer

Other Bands:    NoTrix, Sheela, Poetry                                             Slam,Flashgarden

Influences:        Rock/Pop,

                               Hardrock, Heavy Metal


Instrument:      Vocals, Guitars

Residence:         Meppen

Other bands:    Freaks against Fashion


Influences:        Heavy Metal, Hardrock

Naujo, Rock, Band, Niedersachsen, Deutschland

Instrument:      Guitars, Backing Vocals

Residence:          Rhauderfehn

Other Bands:     Paranoia Park, Poetry Slam,

                                NoTrix, Shamotte

Influences:         Speed-,Trash-, Deathmetal

                                Progressive Rock, Post Rock

Papen, Rock, Band, Niedersachsen, Deutschland

Instrument:       Bass, Backing Vocals

Residence:          Meppen

Other Bands:     Tortment of Truth,

                                Dying Scum, TSAGD

Influences:          Rock, Funk, Metal

About us

Riot At The Moonshine Bar (short: RatMoB) stand for old school hard rock.
The sound of the five musicians from northern Germany is deeply rooted in the 70's and 80's,
combined with modern elements to a fresh sound.
Sometimes snotty and straightforward, sometimes melodic and sensitive, but always true to the motto:

"If it doesn't rock, it sucks!"

The members Jule (v), Gebby (g) and Papen (b) knew each other from different bands in the area.
 In 2013 they decided to form a hard rock band together.
 At that time Jule was still playing the drums in the band.
After several unsuccessful searches for the occupation of vocals and second guitar they finally met Naujo (g).
 and Matze (d), who had already been on stage together.
 Jule took over the microphone from this point on and helped the band with his
melodic vocals to a distinctive sound.
With the first own songs, the band celebrated their stage premiere on 20.05.2016, at which
they could leave an enthusiastic audience. Since then Riot At The Moonshine Bar have been
on the road in this formation.

"When the band started playing, we thought the wrinkles would fly out of our faces."
wrote a fan on his Facebook page.

In August 2019, the first EP "RATMOB" was released, which was produced at Noiseless Studio in Rhede by
Jörg Seemann.
Jörg had already conjured the band on some previous gigs an official live sound
so that this could also be implemented in the studio.
The time that had been freed up by the many lost gigs in the Corona pandemic was used
to produce some music videos for the songs of the EP.